Twylla Pimenta

Freelance translator, proofreader and LQA linguist

Translation, proofreading and LQA services.

Languagues pairs: English to Brazilian Portuguese (EN>PT-BR) & Brazilian Portuguese to English (PT-BR>EN)

Specialized areas of work: audiovisual (games, subtitles, comics, dubbing script adaptations) and marketing.

Other main areas of work: tourism, education, culinary, technology.

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My name is Twylla Pimenta, and I'm a freelance translator, proofreader and LQA linguist. I work with the language pairs <English to Brazilian Portuguese>
and <Brazilian Portuguese to English>.

I currently live in Santos, on the coast of the São Paulo estate in Brazil.

I've been fascinated with languages and all their intricacy ever since I had the opportunity to study abroad in the US for 1 year (where I completed my junior year of high school). After this amazing experience, I knew that I had to pursue language studies in University, and after that, being a freelance linguist proved to be the next natural step for me.

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(Language pairs: EN>PT-BR and PT-BR>EN)

Translation and localization
Dubbing Script Adaptations
LQA for games and subtitles

It would be my pleasure to undergo a test to showcase my abilities.

(Chinese startup company - Content editor)
(Subtitle-providing company - EN>PT-BR translator)
Moshi Media
(Audiovisual translation agency - EN>PT-BR translator for subtitles and dubbing scripts)
Pequerrecho Subtitulación
(Subtitling company based in Spain - EN>PT-BR translator for subtitles)
RWS Moravia
(Internacional translation agency - EN>PT-BR LQA subtitle linguist)
Keywords Studios
(working under Keywords' Brazilian Localization Studio Reverb -
Game localization linguist EN>PT-BR)
Fleon Labs
(Gaming company - Translator for the game Sheeping Around)
Terra Translations
(Translation agency based in Spain - EN>PT-BR linguist)
Glyph Language Services
(Translation agency based in the US - EN>PT-BR linguist)

2017: Bachelor's degree in English/Portuguese Linguistics and Literature (alongside a teaching degree) at Universidade Católica de Santos (UNISANTOS) – Santos, Brazil.
2015: Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting (English and Portuguese) at Universidade Católica de Santos (UNISANTOS) – Santos, Brazil.

Exchange Student Program
2010/2011: Rotary Longterm Exchange Program –
Junior year at Anacortes High School (Anacortes, WA).

Proficiency Certificates
•English proficiency certified by The University of Michigan's
Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English ECPE
Level C2 (Mastery).
•Japanese proficiency certified by the JLPT – Level N5 (Basic).

2018: Translation techniques for English to Portuguese Dubbing –
at ESTRADA (Audiovisual Translation School), São Paulo, Brazil.
2016: Copywriting and proofreadering course "Preparação e revisão: o trabalho com o texto" – at UNESP.
2015: Translation Workshop "Common mistakes and how to avoid them"
by Isa Mara Lando.
2014: Publishing business course with an emphasis in ebooks "Compreendendo o livro eletrônico
e as mudanças no negócio editorial" – at UNESP.
2014: Editorial Production course with an emphasis in graphic design
"A Confecção do Livro" – at UNESP.
2013: Editorial Production "Produção Editorial" – at UNESP.

Professional experience
January 2017–Currently
Freelancer translator and proofreader.
May 2018–Currently
Freelance editor at Mobiuspace (Chinese startup company from the mobile apps sector).

2016: Bilingual class teacher's assistant at Colégio Jean Piaget
(Middle and High School) in Santos, Brazil.
2014: Translator (Translating English to Portuguese texts on a variety of subjects - culinary, education, tourism, etc).
at Dominus Translation Services, Santos, Brazil.
2014: Translator (Brazilian Portuguese to English and Spanish) of weekly menus at UNISANTOS University's restaurant “Estação Bistrô”.

Academic Thesis
2015: This paper aimed to analyze the translation of swear words contained in the first volume of the comic series Kick-Ass (both the original English version and the translated Brazilian Portuguese version).
Translation analysis on the usage of swear words in Kick-Ass

Other projects couldn't be disclosed below due to NDA agreements.


MDA (Subtitles: Translation)
Lux vol. 5 (Translation)
Piel - Under My Nails (Subtitles: Translation)
The Good Wife (Subtitles: Proofreading/timecoding)
Charmed (Subtitles: Proofreading/Timecoding)
The Amityville Theater (Subtitles: Translation)
Lux vol. 5 (Translation)
Redha - Beautiful Pain (Subtitles: Translation)
A Million Happy Nows (Subtitles: Translation)


Keywords Studios' Projects
Due to my NDA agreement signed with Keywords Studios, I cannot disclose the titles of the projects I've worked on. However, it is possible for me to mention the games' genres.

•Very famous MOBA
•Mobile strategy card game which is part of a known game series
•Survival game with its story mode based in South America
•Acclaimed korean mobile RPG
•Third installment of an action FPS RPG
•Famous FPS series
•Battle royale RPG

Other Clients' Projects

•Sheeping Around (mobile strategy card game)

Sheeping Around (strategy card game for mobile devices)


League of Legends - Lux #4 and #5
(a collaboration between Riot Games and MARVEL)

Lux vol. 4 (Translation)
Lux vol. 5 (Translation)

Got any questions? Contact me through:

WhatsApp: +55 13 981158781
E-mail: [email protected]